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IBM™ WebSphere® MQ

IBM™ WebSphere® MQ delivers reliable integration for applications and web services, allowing you to fully leverage your existing software and hardware investments. WebSphere MQ features integrated support for web services, helping you to swiftly bring reliability, visibility and auditability to SOAP interactions.

WebSphere® MQ can increase business flexibility and help with regulatory compliance obligations. Offers increased transparency, reliability and auditability of data movement compared to file transfer (FTP) based approaches. WebSphere MQ offers proven scalability, availability, and performance that grows with your needs.

With the failover cluster solution LifeKeeper® for Linux, the availablitity of IBM™WebSphere® MQ will be increased.

MQ Websphere ® cluster solution
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  • Supports IBM™ WebSphere® MQ greater than version 5.3.
  • Uses external storage, NFS mounts, md devices, LVM volumes or data replication to store the data set.
  • Support for all Linux distributions, useable for WebSphere® MQ and LifeKeeper.
  • Support for Intel, Opteron and EM64T hardware.
  • Available for LifeKeeper version 5.1.2 and higher.


  • active/active configuration as a solution for balanced queue management.
  • Maintenance-free, concerning all WebSphere MQ parameters, changes will be undertaken by itself.
  • Automatic monitoring of all necessary queue management processes.
  • Optional monitoring of the listeners.
  • Extended queue manager function check of the curently established server and client connect procedures.
  • Optional PUT/GET check to initiate an end-to-end check of the queue manager.
  • Extended tracing with included SysLog support.
  • Machine-aided detection and support of LINEAR and CIRCULAR tracing.
  • Opportunity to use a scalable output of debug statements.


  • SteelEye Competence and Support Center, 7 x 24h support.
  • Response time of less than 2 hours for business critical cases.
  • Included software maintenance.

Professional Services

  • Business Continuity Assessment
  • Business Continuity Design
  • LifeKeeper Configuration Validation
  • LifeKeeper Installation
  • LifeKeeper Training

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       LifeKeeper for WebSphereMQ


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