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  1. FolderComponents Looking at IT systems several components must be considered
    1. FolderHardware Availability Hardware Availability is the guarantee of the availability of system's hardware
      1. PageFault Tolerant Systems Fault Tolerant Systems reach by a high measure at redundancy that the loss of one building group does not lead to the impairment of the application
    2. FolderInfrastructure Reliability Infrastructure Reliability includes redundate communication and data connections and the protection of bad access
      1. FolderStorage Virtualization 
        1. FolderDataCore overwiew DataCore Storage Virtualization
          1. PageDataCore SANmelody DataCore SANMelody, DataCore, SANMelody
          2. PageDataCore SANsymphony DataCore SANSymphony, DataCore, SANSymphony
      2. FolderEnterprise Management 
        1. FolderSystem Management 
          1. PageBasic functions System management, basic functions
          2. FolderNagios 
            1. FolderStructure and Function 
              1. PageInformation nagios service state information, nagios
              2. PageState-Map nagios state map
              3. PageExtra Functions extra functions nagios
            2. PageHow it works how it works
            3. PageService-Checks Service-Checks
    3. FolderLogical Fault Protection Logical Fault Protection is the protection of humans caused logical mistakes
      1. FolderStandBy Database A stand-by-database is a copy of the original database on an other system in LAN or WAN
        1. PageDBShadow To create and administer a stand-by-database easily Libelle offers a standard product
    4. FolderApplication Availability Application Availability is the availability of enterprise-critical data and applications
      1. FolderCluster Clusters represent the connection of several servers to an uniform system and so they provide one or several applications or performances
        1. PageHigh Performance Cluster The function of High Performance Clusters is the scaling of arithmetic performance
        2. PageLoad Balancing Cluster Load Balancing Clusters provide homogeneous applications several times for the increase of the total performance
        3. FolderHigh Availability Cluster High Availability Clusters (also called Failover Clusters) are used for the protection of one or several business-critical applications
          1. FolderSteelEye LifeKeeper SteelEye LifeKeeper is a cluster solution from the class of availability clusters to the integration of enterprise-critical applications and data into High Availability concepts
            1. FolderStructure & Function At this point structure and function mode of the SteelEye LifeKeeper are described in detail
              1. PageHierarchy At this point structure and function mode of the SteelEye LifeKeeper are described in detail
              2. PageFailover Scenarios Failover Scenarios, Failover
              3. PageGraphical User Interface (GUI) GUI, Graphical User Interface
            2. PageLicensing Licensing of the LifeKeeper takes place per server in the cluster independently of their equipment as for example number of processors
            3. PageSupport Constant support of SteelEye LifeKeeper
            4. FolderData Access SteelEye LifeKeeper makes possible a multiplicity of different access methods on the common data
              1. PageShared Storage SCSI Cluster Shared Storage SCSI Cluster, LifeKeeper
              2. PageShared Storage Fibre Channel Cluster Shared Storage Fibre Channel Cluster
            5. FolderAdvanced Appliance Scenarios Advanced Appliance Scenarios develop in LifeKeeper by its modular design and auxiliary components such as Data Replication
              1. PageSAN based Storage mirroring SAN based storage mirroring
              2. PageServer Virtualization Server Virtualization
              3. PageStorage Virtualization LifeKeeper in virtualized environment
              4. PageDisk-to-Disk Backup LifeKeeper Disk to Disk Backup, backup, disk to disk
              5. PageContinuous Data Protection (CDP) CDP, data protection, Windows, SteelEye LifeKeeper
            6. FolderLinux ARKs Application Recovery Kits for Linux
              1. PageIBM Rational ClearCase Linux ClearCase, ClearCase
              2. PageVMware Virtual Machine SteelEye LifeKeeper for VMware ESX Server
              3. PageGeneric Application Generic Application Recovery Kit (GenApp) makes possible the integration of arbitrary applications
              4. PageLVM LVM
              5. PageNFS  NFS ARK
              6. PageSendmail/SAMS Linux Sendmail, Linux SAMS, SAMS, Sendmail
              7. PageSamba SAMBA, Samba
              8. PageSAP Netweaver SAP NetWeaver™ is the technological basis of the mySAP Business Suite
              9. PageSoftware RAID (md) Linux, Software RAID
              10. PageIBM™ WebSphere MQ WebSphere® MQ makes it possible for enterprises to integrate business processes into e-business processes
              11. PageLAMP Solution Bundle Linux LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP
            7. FolderWindows ARKs Application Recovery Kits for Windows
              1. PageMicrosoft SQL Server SteelEye LifeKeeper for MS SQL Server
              2. PageMicrosoft Exchange Server MS Exchange, LifeKeeper for Exchange
              3. PageVMware VirtualCenter VirtualCenter, VMware, Windows