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Libelle DBShadow

To create and administer a stand-by database very easily, Libelle offers DBShadow.

Creating a database mirror, the archive-file shipping and the time-shifted recovery is carried out automatically by DBShadow. The control takes place over a graphical user interface. The original system and the mirror system as well as all processes are monitored permanently.

For example, if the original database fails, an alert takes place automatically. It is switched to the mirror system over the graphical user interface. Given a corresponding `failover` timeout value, you can define up to how long the system should wait until the mirror database should be recovered. For this, special knowledge of the database or of the operating system is not necessary.

Creating a mirror database, the copy performance can exceed over 200 GB per hour depending on the server and network performance. Shadowing over very long distances are attainable by using the extended WAN functionality. Further, there is the opportunity to create mirror databases for testing and evaluation.

Errors and alert conditions can be sent directly by SMS to a mobile phone or to existing monitoring systems. Additionally there is the opportunity to mirror database file systems (Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL-servers) time-shifted too.

DBShadow is available on all current UNIX and Windows platforms.


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