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Concepts for Storage virtualisation offer solutions that consolidate storage systems, increase flexibility of resource management and built data redundancy. Further single operations can be simplified and improved by additional features. Such an product is SANsymphony™.

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Scalability and performance have to be available for the whole company. Da die Zahl der Speichernutzer und die Leistungsanforderungen zunehmen, ermöglicht SANsymphony™ eine wirtschaftliche Skalierung durch Konfiguration der zugrunde liegenden Hardware-Plattformen mit schnelleren Prozessoren, mehr Arbeitsspeicher und mehr Host- und Speicherports. Außerdem liefert jeder weitere Speicher-Server-Knoten eine entsprechende Erweiterung von I/O-Bandbreite und -Durchsatz.

SANsymphony™ support data protection, automatisation, inter-operability and usability. The user has more possibilities to control the storage infrastructure. In the SAN rules can be laid down for uninterruptable storage restrictions and automated storage expansion, data protection and performance  to react on changing compmany requirements. So IT manager save time.

The SANwide regulation offers more monitoring. Intelligent virtual SANs improve resource-management, performance and Quality of Service (QOS).

Storage and infrastructure can be pooled as a service group and optimized for different units and projects. Quality of Services (QOS) can be monitored and all customers including virtual servers are ensured. High efficient and cost efficient Tiered-Storage environments can be reached and Service Level Agreements (SLA) can be kept.

Via the user interface controllling and monitoring and so the overview is improved. Resources and services on each level an each group can be managed with SANsymphony within the whole SAN infrastructure by the user (Volume-Lists, path sets, groups, storage pools, regions, domains ...). So administration goes outside the device and volume level.


    • virtual storage for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, AIX, NetWare, VMware and other VM-platforms
    • simple management, powerfuln storage network and storage pool architecture
    • management of large and complex structures
    • heterogeneos storage-management: Tiered Storage and Storage Classes
    • organize disk storage systems FC, SCSI, SAS, IDE, SATA, usw.) via priority classes
    • Data migration and Re-Purposing
    • network-wide automated Device-Discovery and diagnosis functions
    • I/O-monitoring tools and Virtual Storage Performance Objects
    • Remote management console
    • simplfied Storage management
    • scalable up to Single-Node Increment Basis (N+1 redundancy concept)
    • supports iSCSI, FC or hybrid networks between the nodes
    • optimization und automatisation
    • adaptive High Performance-Software-Cache
    • bridging different log types
    • hardware independent


  • New SAN Domains: Intelligent Virtual SANs within the physical SAN, which dramatically improve Resource, Performance, and Quality of Service (QOS) Level Management.
  • Far-reaching 'Span the SAN' Usability and Productivity Services, which allow many operations and policies to be applied against entire groups of resources.
  • N+1 GRID Scalability, Business Continuity and Data Protection services that surpass conventional clustered or dual controller systems in failover protection and time to recovery, as well as ease of configuration, change and growth.
  • Comprehensive, End-to-End, Multi Path SAN Failover: Across FC, iSCSI or both, resulting in true "wire agnosticism" without sacrificing enterprise service levels.
  • Advanced Automation, Thin Provisioning and Smart Auto-Recovery Services that prioritize data volume recovery to speed up critical business applications.
  • Powerful Non-Disruptive Data Migration and Re-Purposing Capabilities.
  • New classes of virtualization services, beginning with Traveller™ time addressable CDP volumes.


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