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DataCore Software is a leading independent software vendor specializing in storage virtualization, storage management, and storage networking.

DataCore™ Soultions Deliver:

  • Dramatically better disk utilization through storage resource pooling,
    auto provisioning (Virtual Capacity) and tiered storage classes 
  • Reduced operational burden by centralizing and automating storage
    administration across like or dissimilar equipment. 
  • Elimination of planned and unplanned downtime using non-disruptive
    storage provisioning and replication techniques. 
  • Enhanced performance, connectivity and productivity allowing customers
    to support more users with existing resources and personnel.

DataCore product portfolio consists of:

SANsymphony™ Software Foundation

At the heart of SANsymphony is a scalable and self-healing software layer that resides in the network infrastructure. Several years of prior works and untold man-hours of design, implementation, in-house testing and customer validation make it possible to unfold each new stage of product innovations with the confidence that accompanies proven success. This essential software layer adds value to I/O exchanges between applications and online disk storage. It abstracts and compensates for the proprietary and sometimes unreliable device, network and application characteristics on either side of it. Sitting between the data consumers and the physical storage suppliers also allows SANsymphony to gather real-time instrumentation and present a picture of I/O behavior and capacity consumption for the storage network at large. These active probes make it possible to dynamically provision disk space, regulate traffic across the storage network and accurately depict capacity and bandwidth trends not observable from other vantage points.

SANsymphony's value-added layer is also a solid underpinning upon which DataCore and its technical partners build vertical services to suit the variety of information-intensive conditions likely to be encountered.

SANmelody™ Technology

A derivative of DataCore's SANsymphony Software, SANmelody technology takes on an altogether different scope. Rather than brokering and consolidating exchanges between applications and heterogeneous disk arrays, the software provides a portable alternative to embedded firmware found in proprietary disk subsystems. SANmelody makes possible a new category of solutions - networked disk servers. Like database servers, disk servers are configured from a variety of systems to address small to very large workloads using a common set of scalable storage control functions.

SANmaestro™ Technology

Obtaining and working with the information necessary to manage assets and resources within a large storage or Windows network can be a formidable task. DataCore took on this challenge and developed SANmaestro. It is a powerful "spreadsheet simple" approach to monitoring, analyzing and reporting critical storage and Windows events as well as performance metrics and utilization information across large or complex environments. It is quick to set up, easy to operate, and generates useful reports, charts and trend analysis. SANmaestro gathers instrumentation data in real-time to improve administrative productivity and decision-making.

UpTempo™ Technology

Increasing disk based I/O performance is at the heart of DataCore technology. The ability to boost read and write I/O performance is a function of DataCore’s cache memory algorithms and has been traditionally a built in default component of DataCore’s Enterprise level product (SANsymphony) and SMB product (SANmelody). DataCore has now taken this key capability and has developed a new stand alone product for Windows application servers that concentrates only on boosting local disk I/O performance without the need for any other supporting software. If your disk lights are flashing then UpTempo can help improve disk performance. Install it, run your applications (SQL, Exchange, etc.) and see the difference. Another added benefit, it’s dead easy to use.

Traveller™ CPR Technology

The Traveller Continuous Protection and Recovery (CPR) solution incorporates Business Continuance (Failover), Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and a MakeTime productivity engine, all in one. Traveller is a system, a superset capability that revolutionizes CDP, business continuance and other data integrity capabilities since it captures a complete repository of the state of all changes over time, therefore Traveller includes failover mirroring protection and time addressing and timeshifting technologies that provide control and management of the timeline, so the use of copies, snapshots, backups can all be optimized. Traveller MakeTime volumes enable time image copies of data to be created and served as needed. MakeTime volumes increase productivity by enabling work to be performed concurrently without impact to production (e.g. testing, data mining, data migration, analysis, post proecessing,etc).

When zero impact to production backups are required and restores from any point in time, are the requirement. DataCore’s Traveller™ is advanced CPR based technology that meets the requirement. With 24 hour operations there is literally no good time to do traditional backups yet alone have a window to actually do the backup. This is all solved by being able to asynchronously capture all the application servers write data in real time to online disk resources with no impact on daily operations. As the data is being captured and resides online then it’s possible to backup to any previous moment and restore operations or recover data at that point. For instance prior to the time that the database went corrupt or a system crunched to a halt. Unlimited restore points are possible and practical.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization techniques incorporated in DataCore's products abstract the rigid characteristics of physical storage devices into more flexible and manageable virtual (logical) objects. To the user or application, a virtual disk appears to be an ordinary local disk. To the storage administrator, virtual disks can be reassigned effortlessly without making physical modifications to the hardware or disrupting running applications. Virtualization continues to be driven by the necessity to simplify storage management as storage capacity and storage devices proliferate.

Another distinguishing attribute of DataCore's approach is its complete independence from host operating systems, SAN infrastructure and storage devices. Neither the SAN-attached hosts, nor the disk arrays, nor the interconnecting switches need to change to take advantage of our advanced virtualization. We give customers complete freedom to retain and deploy their favorite equipment. SANsymphony and SANmelody even allows "legacy" SCSI, EIDE and SSA external drives to be managed as part of the network pool -- in effect modernizing them without making any hardware modifications.

Automation – Virtual Capacity and Storage Provisioning Technology

"The current manual approaches for provisioning storage often require hours not seconds to create volumes and make them available to an application or an end user. Many of the newer virtualization products on the market require users to lock in to a specific hardware vendor's 'solution set' and concerns remain over whose hardware can be included in the hardware-based virtualization scheme. DataCore's approach is superior. I am hard pressed to think of any other storage software vendor who offers anything close in terms of giving users so much choice on which vendor's disks and hardware to use," says Jon William Toigo, renowned storage author, IT consumer advocate and CEO of Toigo Partners International in Tampa Bay, FL."

DataCore's powerful auto-provisioning capability lets users serve up massively large logical disk volumes, sized from gigabytes to terabytes. To application servers, these 'virtual capacity' disk volumes are simple to use since they appear, perform and work just like any other locally attached disk. The difference is that the actual physical disk capacity is drawn from a storage pool on an as-needed basis therefore ensuring optimal disk space utilization. Setting up disks that grow automatically is simple and requires just a single command. "Virtual capacity" volumes work not just over fibre channel SAN networks but also on existing IP/LAN-based infrastructures using iSCSI storage networking.

"DataCore's virtual capacity is a major leap forward. You now can defeat the 'running out of space' downtime problem and avoid the 'guesswork' cost of over buying storage. This innovation truly automates the process of storage provisioning and delivers dramatic improvements in utilization." - John Padovano, Manager of Technology for EngenderHealth.

Intellectual Property

Clearly the brain trust of DataCore's design team, its software engineering talent and its extensive customer support expertise are cherished corporate assets. But so is DataCore's unique Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, rich in high-availability / high performance modules, crafted and integrated to exploit the latest, most powerful storage, computing and networking gear. The body of knowledge and IP amassed to date is unmatched and derives from exceptional skills coupled with intimate knowledge of mainframe storage arrays, multi-threaded UNIX operating systems, Windows kernel integration, and commercial network storage control.


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