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The operation of Nagios can be divided in three categories.

  • Nagios as an active element: In this implementations so called service-checks are send to specific system components, detect its state. The item „service-check“ is a plug-in for Nagios, which interrogate a service or hardware components about its current state. These plug-ins can be Linux Shell- or Pearl-Scripte. Die Möglichkeiten für die Service-Check-Programmierung sind nur daran gebunden, dass ein entsprechender Interpreter auf dem System verfügbar sein muss.
  • A Nagios server can also work in passive mode. In this case a central Nagios server shows the results of service-checks, which are generated on different computer systems.
  • The third categorie is a mixed operation, that means a combination of active/passive service-checks.

Nagios differentiates between four states for analysing a service-check:

  • OK