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The three Nagios components Nagios Remote Plugin Executer, NSClient and NSCA are for special areas of application.

Nagios Remote Plugin Executer (NRPE)

This component is used, when of one system system-check of a specific ressource is only local available resp. no appropriate protocol for network transmission for Nagios server is proposal. This program exists for more operating systems: Linux, Windows, AIX, HP UX and Solaris. For NRPE exist many precasted check routines (siehe:


This component is used to request default values on the client computer like CPU, Systemload, Filesysteme etc. These tests are predefined and not extensible. The program exists for Microsoft Windows NT/ 2000/ XP.

Nagios Service Check Acceptor (NSCA)

To send passive service and host checks via the network to a central Nagios server a transmission mechanism is needed. This mechanism is created with the Nagios-Service Check Acceptor. The program consists of the client program „send_nsca“ and a Daemon on the Nagios server the „nsca“. The „nsca“ accepted the results of „send_nsca“ and processed the information in a presentable size for Nagios server. Area of application of NSCA is avaraged monitoring in that perpheral Nagios server results send to a central Nagios server.