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Administration of Nagios surface and the controlled ressources based on an own user management and is only accessable from authorised users. So diferent levels of responsibilities can be assigned to persons and groups of persons that e.g. are responsible for a part of the IT-infrastructure.

There are also functions that allow to watch the output but not to change.


There is a wide number of available plug-ins that contain service-check functions in Nagios language. By this time the available number is up to 200. There are plug-ins for approximately all devisable use cases, e.g. mail-system, Antivirus, Firewall, RAID or Bonding Interfaces.

Own scripts can be created simple. A simple Shell script can implemented in Nagios as well as a complex C-programming. It is important to define exit-codes for the four states of Nagios. Is a service-check send by a Windows host to a Nagios server that processes passive checks it is also possible to write responsible service-check scripts in VBS or WSH.

A source for plug-ins is offered by: