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Classification according to data transmission

Classical backup-network backup

By classical backup agents are installed on all systems, that have to be protected. The agents were called by backup controller/backup server to make a backup.

At first the agent identifies the secured data state and comprimized and transports the data from via client LAN to backup server. This writes data to storage -typically tape- and registrates the secured data in the backup database.

LANless Backup

By normal data protection data of the computer that should be secured are sent via network to backup-server. The backup-server sends data to backup medium. The network is most of the time the bottleneck. Also if the backup in times with less usage rate in LAN or remote networks occur.

With Fibre Channel SAN data can be transmitted to central backup-server to backup device in another way.. data transfer takes place without the influence of LAN in direct connection to SAN. This shortens time of backup and restore, because transmission speed in SAN is higher then transmission speed in LAN.

  • adressed backup classifiction number: minimization of Backup Window

Serverless Backup

In case of serverless backup data protection is done direct between primary and secondary storage unit, without  storing data charging the server. All activities regarding the storage process are carried out by the storage net itself.

Server of tape drives serve as a system-coordinator that manage only data backup and do not remove data. Backup is initialized by the server by multiple sending the order XCopy (extended copy) to central Fibre-bridge or FC-Switch. The FC-Switch acts as Backup-Agent and realized the data transfer from FC storage unit by FC-Switch to secondary storage unit where data are copied. This technology shortens backup time and minimized Backup Impact (BI). Is serverless backup gone into action aspects like consistence have to be minded, because backup is carried out in block level. No access to file system!

  • adressed clasification numbers: minimization of Backup Impact
                                                 minimization of Backup Window