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Load Balancing Cluster

Load Balancing Cluster

A farm of servers with the same function is the base of a load balancing cluster. To distribute the user requests to several nodes, a load balancer is useful. The load balancer checks the utilization of all nodes. The node with the estimated best performance will get the next user request. This algorithm ensures the best performance available at the time is given to the users.

A very important point is the quality of the load balancer. In this case, quality means the opportunity of the system to made a highly qualified forecast about which node will offer the best performance concerning an individual application. Another aspect to make the decision is to reconnect the client to an existing session. Without any kind of protection, the load balancer could be a single point of failure.

If one node is out of service, then the whole system will still work. The load balancer will recognize the failed node, and mark the crashed system. The total performance of the load balancing cluster will be reduced, but services will still be provided.

A typical example of load balancing cluster use is web server farms.