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Microsoft® SQL Server

SteelEye™LifeKeeper® for SQL Server is a scalable solution for eliminating SQL Server downtime from either planned or unplanned outages. With integrated data replication, high availability clustering and disaster recovery capabilities, LifeKeeper for SQL Server addresses all levels of uptime requirements, from local SQL database replication, to local application failover, to complete disaster recovery of SQL Server at a remote site.

LifeKeeper constantly monitors the health of all pieces in the SQL Server environment including servers, network connections, data volumes and SQL Server processes. On detection of any problem, LifeKeeper initiates a recovery action. This configurable action can include attempting to restart SQL Server on the same server (a local recovery), migrating the SQL Server instance to a backup server (a failover), or sending an alert to the SQL Server administrator so that the problem can be investigated. Through LifeKeeper’s intuitive GUI, administrators can manually move SQL Server instances among nodes to eliminate the need for planned downtime due to maintenance.

LifeKeeper for SQL Server does not require that you use high-end versions of either Windows or SQL Server. There is also no requirement that all servers in the cluster be identically configured. LifeKeeper is flexible so that you can deploy the HA cluster topology that makes the most sense for your business. This flexibility extends to the use of storage as well. With LifeKeeper, you can build a shared-nothing cluster using LifeKeeper Data Replication, or you can deploy a shared-storage cluster using direct attached SCSI or Fibre Channel devices.

LifeKeeper for SQL Server can also be extended across a WAN connection for full disaster recovery protection.

MS SQL Server LifeKeeper Cluster
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Data Replication for SQL Databases

SteelEye™ LifeKeeper Data Replication (SDR) is designed to ensure that data is always available. In a SQL Server environment, databases are replicated in real-time from a local disk located on the active SQL Server to a local disk located on a backup server. Because SDR can operate in either synchronous or asynchronous mode, the backup server can be across either a LAN or WAN. The recovery process from a local system failure is virtually immediate because data is available on a hot disk where it can be easily accessed and restored. With the ability to do One-to-Many replication, multiple real-time copies can be made to different locations to provide the highest possible data protection.


SteelEye Data Replication and LifeKeeper Failover

Data Replication with Failover
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With the combined use of SteelEye™ Data Replication and the failover cluster solution LifeKeeper in configurations without external database data consistence is ensured with a block based replication mewchanism. On the other hand LifeKeeper ensures that failed applications (e.g. MS SQL Server) are back into service after short terms of time by acting as backup server.

LifeKeeper for protection of multiple instances

Protection of multiple instances
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In LifeKeeper environments can be multiple SQL instances installed and protected. LifeKeeper identifies each instances by its unique name given during installation. Each SQL instance is protected in a seperate LifeKeeper hierarchy. In a cluster configuration with SteelEye’s LifeKeeper each cluster member can be active and act as backup server for a multiple SQL instance at the same time.

LifeKeeper in many-to-one configurations

Many-to-One Configuration
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In many-to-one configurations one server is failover target for several active SQL servers. This configuration is the result of the combination of the high availabilty cluster solution SteelEye™ LifeKeeper with SteelEye™ Data Replication.

LifeKeeper in cascading failover configuration

Cascading Failover Configuration
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With this configuration Disaster Recovery concepts can be realized. In case of failure of primary server and backup server in the local computer center data can be accessed after failover to a Disaster Recovery server in a remote computer center. Data on remote site are transfered via asynchronous replication in the WAN. So application (e.g. MS SQL Server) and data are automated available after a short time.

Used alone, SDR provides an efficient disk-to-disk data backup mechanism. When combined with LifeKeeper High Availability clustering, it becomes a powerful component in an overall SQL Server protection solution.

Key Features

  • supports Windows Server 2000 und Windows Server 2003 (Standard Edition and higher)
  • supports all Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005
  • low implementation costs caused by simple integration in existing IT structures
  • Desaster Recovery sceneries with LifeKeeper Data Replication Option (asynchronous and synchronous replication)
  • supports Microsoft compatible hardware components (Hardware Compatibility List)
  • use of LifeKeeper Extender


  • continuous monitoring of all operating parts of SQL Servers
  • elimination of failover by supporting local Recovery of SQL Server processes
  • security by redundancy - Quorum-Disk not neccessary
  • placement of database on external storage or data replication
  • different storage technologies: SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI
  • no intervention in configuration of client applications
  • automated or manual switchover possible (confirmation by user)
  • operation in combination with virtual environments


  • SteelEye Competence and Support Center, 7 x 24h support.
  • Response time of less than 2 hours for business critical cases.
  • Included software maintenance.

Professional Services

  • Business Continuity Assessment
  • Business Continuity Design
  • LifeKeeper Configuration Validation
  • LifeKeeper Installation
  • LifeKeeper Training

additional information

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