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Software Architecture

software architecture
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SteelEye™LifeKeeper consists of two main function groups. The first one is the LifeKeeper Core Kit, and this includes the basic functions of the cluster software. The other one is the LifeKeeper Application Recovery Kit (ARK) which includes the knowledge around the applications which require protection.

The Core Kit is to install on every node of the cluster. The Core Kit is a typical middleware between operating system and application. The Core Kits are interfaces to hardware, network and the operating system. The Application Recovery Kits uses special interfaces to communicate with the Core Kit. As protected ressources, the Core Kit is able to offer IP addresses and volumes.

An important part of the Core Kit is the cluster data base.

This database includes all necessary information concerning the cluster configuration. The cluster database will be distributed over all cluster nodes. With this technology the cluster database will not be a single point of failure for the cluster. This is a different to other concepts. LifeKeeper is responsible for having a consistent database over all nodes.