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SteelEye offers LifeKeeper Application Recovery Kits for packaged software, including databases, web servers and application servers. These Application Recovery Kits include tools and utilities that allow LifeKeeper to manage and control a specific application. When an Application Recovery Kit is installed for a specific application, LifeKeeper is able to monitor the health of the application and automatically recover the application if it fails.

The Application Recovery Kit (ARK) is the interface to the protecting application. There is no need for a special application interface on the application side to communicate with LifeKeeper.

The ARKs include this information:

  • Which ressources will be used by the application.
  • Which dependencies exist between the resources and the application.
  • How to start the application.
  • How to check the function.
  • How to stop the application.

For a lot of standard applications there will be ARKs out-of-the-box. SteelEye also provides an Application Recovery Software Developer's Kit (SDK) named Extender that supports the development of custom Application Recovery Kits. The Extender offers a powerful framework for developing customized recovery routines for proprietary applications as well as commercial application servers. Using SteelEye's Extender, special recovery routines can be defined by assembling straightforward application recovery scripts.

With a special Generic Application Recovery Kit it will be able to include simple services or applications to the protection of LifeKeeper. This opportunity is part of the Core Kit.