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Samba ARK

Samba is one of the most successful and widly used open source software products. First released in 1992 by Andrew Tridgell, the first developer of Samba, Samba has become the de-facto standard when it comes to file serving for Windows hosts on a Linux machine. Today Samba can work as a Windows domain controller and work is on the way with Samba TNG to provide a full alternative implementation of Microsoft's Active Directory. While more and more companies rely on Samba for their central file serving, Samba has no native support for clustering. LifeKeeper and the Samba ARK can help companies to protect their critical Samba servers out of the box - providing highly available samba installations.

Key Features

  • Supports Samba 3
  • Protetion of Samba Print und File Share
  • Active/Standby und Active/Active (different shares on different servers)
  • Supports all LifeKeeper supported Storage configurations including NAS, SAN, MD, DRBD and Steeleye Data Replication
  • Deep monitoring of all required Samba processes
    with native Samba utilities
  • Transparent failover support through IP migration
  • Wizzard-driven integration of Samba into Lifekeeper clusters
  • Logical check of required configuration directives in the samba configuration file


  • SteelEye Competence and Support Center, 7 x 24h support.
  • Response time of less than 2 hours for business critical cases.
  • Included software maintenance.

Professional Services

  • Business Continuity Assessment.
  • Business Continuity Design.
  • LifeKeeper Configuration Validation.
  • LifeKeeper Installation.
  • LifeKeeper Training.


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