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One of the suppositions of successfully acting companies is the permanent availability of data which constitute the basic of all courses of business. These data have to be installed central so that access for applications is possible from all quarters independent of as well as operating system and hardware. With its relational database system Oracle™ has developed for that an efficient platform for integrated solutions based on most modern technologies. Oracle databases are characterized by less expenditure of administration and low costs. Cross-branches and for companies almost every size Oracle databases are counted among most common databases.

With the failover cluster solution LifeKeeper® for Linux, the availability of Oracle databases will be increased.


figure one: Oracle Home directory is located on both servers local
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figure two: Oracle Home directory is located on shared storage
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figure three: Oracle Home directory is located on both servers local, the databases are located on shared storage
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Key Features

  • support for Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
  • deposition of data possible on external storages, NFS Mounts, MD Devices, LVM Volumes or Data Replication (via LAN / WAN)
  • support for Enterprise versions of SuSE/Novell and RedHat
  • completed Oracle RAC environments with application availability of applications which superimpose on RAC
  • support for 32 Bit Intel and 64 Bit Opteron- und EM64T-based hardware platforms


  • supported active/passive and active/active configurations with local or central Oracle Home directory
  • monitoring of database by SQL tests
  • monitoring of Listener (optional)
  • password protection of Oracle 9i Listener
  • integration of additional Oracle components like e.g. the Oracle Intelligent Agent (AIO) via Generic Application


  • SteelEye Competence and Support Center, 7 x 24 h
  • response time of 2 hours for business critical cases
  • included software maintenance

Professional Services

  • Business Continuity Assessment
  • Business Continuity Design
  • LifeKeeper Configuration Validation
  • LifeKeeper Installation
  • LifeKeeper Training

additional information

       LifeKeeper for Oracle


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