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Beside Oracle as a relational database system the database IBM DB2 belongs to the most common database management systems. In differnt operating systems it is installed as database in larger environments, e.g. SAP. But also in smaller environments it is possible, e.g. configurations without access to an external storage subsystem. In all sceneries their availability for failure-free operation is very important for the users.

With LifeKeeper for Linux there is a solution that increases availability of DB2.

Some configurations are shown in the following pictures.

IBM DB2 Single Partition active/active configuration

IBM DB2 Single Partition active/active configuration
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On each of the both servers is one active database instance running. Each server is failover target for the other.

IBM DB2 Multiple Partitions active/active configuration

IBM DB2 Multiple Partitions active/active configuration
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Per server one DB2 instance is protected by a Database Partition Server in the LifeKeeper. Thereby one DB2 resource hierarchy was created per node. In case of failure of a server the respectively other server acts as failover target.

IBM DB2 Multiple Partitions (4 Node FC Cluster)

IBM DB2 Multiple Partitions (4 Node FC Cluster)
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In this configuration on 4 servers are several Database Partition Servers protected. For each server there is one DB2 ressource hierarchy in the cluster. Each server can be failover target for a failed node. In such configurations n-way failover and cascading failover can be realized.


Key features

  • Offers protection for DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) and Workgroup Server Edition (WSE)
  • Deposit of data on an external storage, NFS mounts, MD devices, LVM volumes or Data Replication (via LAN/WAN)
  • Support for Enterprise Versions of SuSE/Novell and RedHat
  • Support for 32 Bit Intel and 64 Bit POWER5-, Opteron- and EM64T-based hardware platforms


  • Support of active/passive and active/active configurations in DB2 Single Partition and DB2 Multiple Partitions installations
  • Monitoring of database manager in EE, WE and WSE environments
  • Monitoring of Database Partition Server in EEE environments
  • Monitoring of both database components in ESE environments 
  • DB2 Administration-Server can be defined for each machine inside Lifekeeper-Clusters
  • Administration-Server is than a member of a DB2 hierarchy and will be integrated into the recovery process


  • SteelEye Competence and Support Center, 7 x 24h support.
  • Response time of less than 2 hours for business critical cases.
  • Included software maintenance.

Professional Services

  • Business Continuity Assessment
  • Business Continuity Design
  • LifeKeeper Configuration Validation
  • LifeKeeper Installation
  • LifeKeeper Training


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