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The licensing of LifeKeeper is per node. It is independent of the number of processor units or sizing of the system.

On every node where a application will work, there must be a licence for that application, this is called an Application Recovery Kit (ARK). For example, if you have a three node cluster to protect mySQL and Apache with two nodes, you would have to purchase a license for three Core Kits, two mySQL ARKs and two Apache ARKs.

To develop a custom customer-based ARK there must be one license of the LifeKeeper Extender.

Licensing Support

Additional to the license fee, there is a maintenance and support fee mandatory for the first year. This maintenance and support fee is payable per core and ARK license. The LifeKeeper extender is without a support fee.

After the first year, it is up to the customer whether or not they want to extend the validity of maintenance and support.


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