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SteelEye™ Data Replication for Windows

SteelEye™ Data Replication (SDR) is an industry-proven solution on Windows that provides dynamic, disk-level replication of data across local and wide area networks for Windows 2000/2003.

There are different possibilities to integrate data replication in HA-concepts.

Operational graph of data replication
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Disaster Recovery with Data Replication for Windows

Disaster recovery is critically dependent upon the ability to seamlessly replicate data over a wide area. LifeKeeper Data Replication provides the ability to easily and securely establish an off-site location for data storage and to replicate only changed data asynchronously, combined with tools for logging and integration with schedulers.

The simplest scenario is a 2 node Cluster with in a local subnet and a remote backup system.

Data Replication
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The 2-node configuration on primary place improved all functions of a LifeKeeper-Cluster to protect critical business applications. Additionally the used data are replicated to the backup system via WAN.


Does the primary server completely fail the lost application are put to service on the backup server. After a short time the application as well as the replicated data are available for the clients' use.

Disaster Recovery
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In some cases manual configuartion and operation is usefull.

N+1 Cluster with Data Replication for Windows

N+1 Cluster with Data Replication
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Data Replication provides in combination with LifeKeeper for Windows N+1 cluster - a special cluster topology with more than 2 nodes withot any external storage; every mirror consists only between 2 nodes. All cluster members use one backup server. Replication takes place between one primary server and the backup server - synchronous as well as asynchronous. Partial resynchronisation is needed to recover broken mirror.



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SteelEye Data Replication for Windows


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