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SteelEye™ Data Replication for Linux

SteelEye Data Replication for Linux v6 is the first on Linux to combine continuous data protection (CDP) features such as “any point in time rewind” with comprehensive data replication capabilities which support multiple replication targets and provide combining data mirrors across any combination of LANs and WANs.  The combination of CDP with off-site replication assures businesses that critical data can be restored in case of data corruption, viruses, user errors, or in the face of large-scale physical disasters.

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Any Point in Time Rewind

 “Any Point in Time Rewind” is a vital CDP element that rewinds data back in time to any moment before data loss occurred. In minutes, data can be restored and business is back to normal. Adding such capabilities to an already robust data replication solution, SteelEye Data Replication also provides organizations with a CDP option that enhances protection of more than one backup of critical business data, whether on-site or remote.  Immediately upon noticing data integrity issues, users can mount the replicated data on a backup volume and then move backward and forward through the data stream via time stamps or other user-defined bookmarks until the optimal set of data is constructed. That data are then placed into service and normal operations resume.

Integrated Data Recovery Wizard

The process of managing data recovery is handled through a built-in Data Recovery Wizard. This simple-to-use tool guides users through the building of a new temporary dataset. It validates the dataset for consistency via appropriate tools and then loops back through these steps as needed until the optimal dataset is built. An intelligent binary search technique speeds the rebuilding process to optimize recovery time. Once completed, the wizard places the dataset back into service, onto the production server, and resumes normal business operations.

Multiple Replication Targets

For companies who need the enhanced protection of more than one real-time backup of critical business data, SteelEye Data Replication supports multiple replication targets, which can span any combination of local and remote sites. Local data recovery is assured by continuous backup within the local data center, while asynchronous remote data replication protects against nearby disasters.

Comprehensive Data Replication Capabilities

An integrated compression engine along with a block-level change-only architecture reduces network bandwidth requirements and speeds replication.

Used by itself, SteelEye Data Replication delivers real-time backup of business-critical data across either a Wide or Local Area connection. When combined with LifeKeeperâ for Linux, cluster configurations can be built, ranging from low-cost two node shared nothing clusters to geographically-dispersed clusters for disaster recovery protection.

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SteelEye Data Replication for Linux


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