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Storage Virtualization

Application protection consists of protection of the application itself and data protection.

With LifeKeeper® for Data Protection, High Availability Clustering und Disaster Recovery your IT can grow flexible with the requirements to availability to performance and application.
The possibility to implement more than 2 nodes and active/active configurations allows an optimum in hardware performance.
By means of extra tools (Application Recovery Kits) for different IT-structures the smooth integration of standard applications and custom-made applications takes place in the LifeKeeper. To this structures also belong local and remote installations, so computer centers in different places can be integrated into the LifeKeeper Cluster. 

Concepts for storage virtualization provide solutions, that fund storage systems, that increase flexibility in ressource management and built data replication. Additionally single operations can be simplified and be upgraded by different features like backup-scenarios. Such a product is SANsymphony™ by DataCore™ Software.

Storage Virtualization with DataCore™SANsymphony™
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With the Failover-Cluster solution LifeKeeper® for Linux and Storage Virtualization SANsymphony™ by DataCore™ there is a complete certified solution, that combines high availability and flexible storage management. A continuos protection  for data and application is guaranteed.

Key Features SteelEye™ LifeKeeper

  • Failover-Cluster-Solution up to 32 nodes – cascading Failover, N-Way Failover, N+1 Failover
  • supported operating systems: Linux (Enterprise Versions SuSE/Novell, RedHat), Windows 2000/2003
  • supported virtualization platforms: VMware Server, VMware ESX Server, Microsoft®Virtual Server
  • hardware unattached, available for 32 Bit and 64 Bit based platforms: Intel x86, Xeon EM64T, Itanium 2, AMD Opteron and IBM™ POWER
  • configurations are apropriable with Data Replication, Shared Storage and Storage Virtualization
  • operation in SCSI-, iSCSI- (only Windows), FC- and NAS-environments
  • with Application Recovery Kits are integrable a lot of applications Out of the Box in LifeKeeper-concepts 
  • protection of custom-made services and applications possible

Key Features DataCore™ SANsymphony™

  • dynamic load distribution and storage management
  • Application server uses DataCore™ Devices
  • optimum use of existing storage ressources by „Pooling“
  • unattached platform
  • Multipathing in FC, iSCSI and mixed environments
  • System automation with Network Managed Volumes
  • Optional functions like e.g. Continuous Protection and Recovery (Traveller CPR™)


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