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Disk-to-Disk Backup

Traditional tape based backup solutions are a cost-efficient possibility for data protection. With the growing requirements concerning data availability and recovery new solutions are coming with enhanced functions.

SteelEye™LifeKeeper® Disk-to-Disk Backup for Windows systems is a complex solution that offers realt-time bakups and features for data archiving. LifeKeeper® Disk-to-Disk Backup is a part of the SteelEye product family for Data Protection, High Availability Clustering and Disaster Recovery.

Loss of data caused by corrupted tapes is eliminated by disk storage and systematic data protection on drives.

With LifeKeeper® Disk-to-Disk Backup production data are replicated immediately  and continually to a defined backup drive. In case of failure or disaster the most current version can be accessed. Data are always available on a hot-disk and can be transmitted to the server without decryption and compression.

LifeKeeper® Disk-to-Disk Backup can operate with a wide range of standard industrial backup systems. It offers possibilities for automated and continuous backup processes so daily backups on production servers are eliminated.

In the shown configuration, a backup server is built with defined seperate volumes designated for each business day.

Data replication is used to provide a real-time copy of business data onto the respective volume of the backup server. In the example 5 business days of data is available for immediate restore via simple mount and drag&drop operation at any time. Once a week, a full backup is taken to tape for offste storage.

Disk to Disk Backup with daily snapshots
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Key Features

  • supports all versions of Windows Server 2000/2003
  • real-time, continuous backup, disk to disk
  • access to backup data in a fractionof time, cost and complexity of tape
  • online data access eliminates restore from tape and potential data corruption
  • continuous, periodic or scheduled backup
  • supports backup data from: MS Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle and Windows enterprise applications
  • replicates only changes to minimize bandwidth usage
  • integrates with existing tape systems for disk-to-disk-to-tape configurations
  • integration with Windows Backup Utility


  • In the event of network failure, resynchronization data and disks is fast and dependable with LifeKeeper® Disk-to-Disk Backup´s intent-logging capability.
  • LifeKeeper provides direct control of what data is backed up and how data can be accessed, because it works securly at block level, below the file system.
  • It replicates not only data files but also storage meta data files which contain critical information (e.g. data access permision) that are vital to maintaining data security in the backup environment.
  • During operation LifeKeeper® Disk-to-Disk Backup maintains highest data protection by controlling access to the backup environment to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent update access, and to eliminate the potential for data corruption.


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