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 High Availability

High Availability

With businesses becoming dependent on IT over the past decade, high availability techniques are becoming increasingly significant to ensure an uninterruptible flow of data within a business environment. The demand for an efficient and uninterrupted IT provision is required by large and small organisations as well as the public and health care sector. The use of high availability is not restricted to a specific part of the economy but cuts across all sections of the economy.

With the large number of methods available to implement high availability, and the many different solutions leading to different levels of availability.

We work with our customer to work within an agreed budget to achieve the lowest level of agreed downtime. We then continue working with them and add further components as time progresses.

Designing a custom-made high availability solution starts with an analysis to identify the critical points of an IT infrastructure. It is very important to understand the dependency between different parts or processes inside the IT infrastructure. The way to build a highly available IT landscape is to focus on reducing the number of these critical points of failure.

High availability isn't a product or a fixed solution. In our opinion, high availability is a concept containing many different components. It's very important to double check the HA concept with an actual business and the IT structure from time to time to ensure that a genuine high availability IT landscape has been achieved.